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Luna Rossa

Mrs. Erkan Topbas
Reichenauerstrasse 95a
A-6020 Innsbruck

about our restaurant

from the beginning to the now

The Year of Origin!

In 2008, I took over the former Milano restaurant in Reichenauerstasse. Since then, I have always tried to improve the quality of the restaurant and to spoil our guests with new Italian delicacies.

Where do we stand today?

In 2011, the concept was rethought. With the help of the company Kältepool, we redesigned and completely refurbished the restaurant.

Since the reopening, our team has been constantly striving to add new seasonal dishes to the menu and thus spoil our guests time and time again!
Erkan Topbas
Erkan Topbas
Mehmet A. Topbas